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  • Spring 2011 Designs – Coming Soon!

    Spring 2011 Designs – Coming Soon!

    Get ready to wear your pride, 2011 Hey Everyone, So we’re almost done our spring designs! Unfortunately, due to an insane amount of spamming, we’ve shut down the comments for now, but if YOU have any designs you’d like to see give us a shout, we’ll be glad to hear from you. Here’s the Facebook [...]

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  • New Designs

    New Designs

    As we roll out the shop, here are a few more designs added for your shopping pleasure. We hope you love them! 1. International Halfbreed 2. Honorary Halfbreed 3. Louis Riel-ity

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  • Grand Opening!

    Grand Opening!

    Ahead of schedule, our store is now open! Powered by Red Bubble, the shop looks great and we hope you have fun getting your hands on a Halfbreed Tee for you or for someone you love! Once you order, the shirt is automatically made and shipped right to your door! So simple a robot could [...]

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  • Mythological Halfbreeds

    Mythological Halfbreeds

    So here’s the deal: Want your design on a t shirt? We’re looking for the coolest designs we can find. The subject for this contest: Mythological Halfbreeds Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Let’s say it at the same time: Mermaids! Werewolves! Achilles! Hey, whether it’s people or…things, what have you got? Funny? Weird? Wonderful? [...]

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  • March 16 2010 Launch Date

    March 16 2010 Launch Date

    Halfbreed Culture, Art and Apparel is set to open it’s online retail doors March 16 2010. What is this all about? Well, the smaller this world gets, the more couples from different backgrounds are hooking up. The result is a growing population of people like me and probably you! Kids with mixed heritage. Whether Metis, [...]

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  • Art and Apparel

    Art and Apparel

    Halfbreed Culture is proud to showcase artists of all nationalities. With a handful of artists already, we look forward to growing our roster so we can offer you original, exciting and exclusive work you’ll be proud to call your own. Our philosophy is that what we wear can be both functional and artistic. Culture to [...]

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