Mythological Halfbreeds

So here’s the deal:

Want your design on a t shirt?

We’re looking for the coolest designs we can find. The subject for this contest: Mythological Halfbreeds

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Let’s say it at the same time: Mermaids! Werewolves! Achilles!

Hey, whether it’s people or…things, what have you got? Funny? Weird? Wonderful?

The top 3 winners get their design on a shirt and a Free Shirt. Sweeet!

First Prize also wins a chance at becoming a regular contributor. Wowee!


1. You have to be over 18

2. You have to rock.

3. You have until May 1st 2010


If you want your design to really stand out, make it using Adobe Illustrator, or in some other vector based program. Otherwise, try not to use shading. Use solid, strong colours that can easily be “cut up” for a silkscreen. Do think blocks or sections, like an old Soviet propaganda poster. Don’t think subtle shades like a wildlife painting. DO...have fun! Again, these are just suggestions…not rules.


Or…any old png file 2400×3600 will do!